Lachha paratha

Mostly popular in Punjabi and north Indian cuisine, lachha paratha is a layered paratha made from whole wheat flour.

Lachha paratha is a guilt free version of the kerala parotta ( parotta made with maida). Though it is not the same as the “parotta” that we usually have, lachha paratha has it’s own unique flavor. At home, I mostly avoid using maida and that is how I started making this whole wheat parotta. The maida parotta is made using hydrogenated vegetable oil in most restaurants and that is the reason behind the crispy and layered parotta. But, with practice you can definitely get the layers in wheat parotta too!

I’ve used just ghee and oil to make this paratha. Applying ghee or oil before folding the paratha makes sure that the layers are separated. If you are doing it for the first time, then it might seem as a herculean task to get the layers. Believe me! It did seem so for me when I did it for the first time.

Ok, you got me there! So, it was not only for the first time but it did seem difficult for many trials after that too. But, after so many many trials and errors, I finally got the layers. That was when I realized that it was not as difficult as I thought, but it just requires some time and patience (which I didn’t have btw) as we cannot roll it like a chapati or paratha dough. You need to be very gentle while rolling to ensure that the layers do not merge.

Lachha paratha is actually crisp on the outside and soft inside. It is so soft that it melts in your mouth and the taste- Oh my God! It is very tasty that you might actually ask for an extra one too. Do not forget! Wheat is healthy! So for once you can enjoy a great meal without any guilt! So, why are still waiting? Walk directly into your kitchen and make this amazing recipe and enjoy it with any side dish of your choice! Happy cooking and eating!

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Lachha Paratha

Abhipriya Raghav
Lachha Paratha is a layered paratha made with whole wheat flour.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Resting Time 30 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Course Breakfast, Main Course
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4 parathas


  • 200 grams whole wheat flour
  • 2 tsp oil + as required to make the paratha
  • salt, as required
  • water, to prepare the dough
  • ghee, as required to make the paratha


  • In a mixing bowl, add the whole wheat flour, salt and oil. Mix it until well combined.
  • Add water, little by little at a time, to form a soft and pliable dough. Apply some oil on top, cover it with a damp cloth or cling film and rest for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, divide the dough into equal portions and roll them to form a smooth ball.
  • Dust the surface with some flour and place a flattened dough ball on it.
  • Using a rolling pin, roll the dough ball into a thin disc.
  • Now, apply some oil or ghee on the rolled disc and sprinkle some flour on top of it.
  • Using a knife, make thin strips as shown in the picture.
  • Now, bring all the strips together. Do not break it while doing so.
  • Apply some oil or ghee on top of it.
  • Now, roll it into a spiral.
  • Tuck the other end of the dough on the other side. ( I've attached pictures of both the sides. Refer image for clarification).
  • Now, either with your hand or with the help of a rolling pin, gently press or roll the dough to a form a disc which is 1cm thick.
  • Meanwhile, heat a tawa on medium flame and place the rolled dough on the tawa.
  • Using a spatula, press the paratha to cook it evenly on all sides. Cook till brown spots appear on both sides.
  • Take the paratha off the heat and when it is still warm, crush it with your hands to seperate the layers.
  • Serve hot with any side dish of your choice.


  • Do  not add a lot of water while preparing the dough. Add water as needed.
  • The dough should neither be too soft nor too hard.
  • While dividing the dough into equal portions, make sure that each portion weighs around 60-70 grams to get a medium sized paratha of 1cm thickness.
  • Do not forget to tuck the other end of the dough while rolling it into a spiral. 
  • Do not apply a lot of pressure while rolling the dough as this might result in the layers being merged.
  • Roast the paratha evenly until golden spots appear.
  • Gently crush the paratha with your hand to seperate the layers.
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