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Main course, Parathas

Aloo paratha

I love potato, you love potato and everyone loves potato! You might be thinking if I have gone mad about potatoes – now, that may be true! I mean, who doesn’t love aloo and especially aloo paratha?! Why is it a favorite? Well, you obviously know the answer to this question. It is because we […]

21-Day Lockdown Series, Main course, Parathas

Moong bean paratha

Yet another stuffed paratha recipe in our website! It’s moong bean paratha on day-13 of the No Veggies, 21-Day Lockdown Series! This is a healthy recipe which can be had for breakfast, dinner or brunch too! This moong bean paratha is packed with protein. Moong / Mung bean belongs to the legume family and as […]

Main course, Parathas

Lachha paratha

Mostly popular in Punjabi and north Indian cuisine, lachha paratha is a layered paratha made from whole wheat flour. Lachha paratha is a guilt free version of the kerala parotta ( parotta made with maida). Though it is not the same as the “parotta” that we usually have, lachha paratha has it’s own unique flavor. […]

Main course, Parathas

Mooli paratha

Mooli paratha is a Punjabi dish which is white radish cooked with other spices stuffed inside parathas. It is usually had as a light breakfast. Radish aids in digestion as it is full of dietary fiber. Also, it is very good for cold that it can be consumed in the winter season mainly. Radish is […]