pumpkin gnocchi
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Pumpkin gnocchi

Yes, I know it is way past the Thanksgiving season, but I couldn’t resist from sharing this pumpkin gnocchi recipe for you all to try. Soft and buttery gnocchis glazed with a simple yet tasty brown butter sage sauce is to die for! This recipe is yet another one from the archives. I had made […]

butter chicken lasagna rolls
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Butter chicken lasagna rolls

A burst of flavors is what happens when Italy meets India! Butter chicken lasagna rolls is a classic Indian twist to your favorite lasagna recipe with silky smooth makhani sauce, grilled chicken and of course lots and lots of mozzarella cheese. This, yet again is for an Instagram collaboration only. I had to make a […]

spinach ricotta cannelloni
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Spinach ricotta cannelloni

Yayy! It is a New Year which means a new beginning! So, why don’t we take a trip to Italy and back?! Yep people, it is our ever favorite Italian dish, a pasta recipe – spinach ricotta cannelloni. This is an amazing dish to celebrate this new beginning and also for a romantic date night. […]